General Information

Time Zone

Summer time will be in effect at the time of the conference, meaning that Israel will be GMT +3:00.


Currency (and travelers’ checks in most major foreign currencies) can be exchanged at any bank or post office and at most of the larger hotels and currency exchange locations around the city.

In Israel banknotes are issued in Shekels (ILS) in the following denominations: 20 ILS, 50 ILS, 100 ILS and 200 ILS. Coins in use are: 10 Agorot, 50 Agorot, 1 ILS, 2 ILS, 5 ILS and 10 ILS (One New Israeli Shekel = 100 Agorot).

As of January 2016, 1 US dollar is approximately equivalent to 3.9 ILS and 1 Euro is 4.35 ILS.


Smoking is prohibited in public buildings, shopping malls, cinemas, theaters and on public transport


Transportation from the Airport

Public Transportation– Public transportation services are located in the three-storey bridge on the second floor, next to Gates 21 and 23.

Special Transportation – A number of companies providing special transportation services from the Airport to various areas throughout the country operate at Ben-Gurion National Airport.

Car Rental – The car rental companies’ counters are located on the first floor of the East Gallery in the Greeters’ Hall. The service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Taxis – Taxi services are regulated and the taxi companies at Ben-Gurion National Airport operate under permission.

Trains – The train station is located on Level S of the Landside Building, next to the Greeters’ Hall. For train schedule and more information visit the Israel Rail Website.


About Tel Aviv 

Tel Aviv is the second largest city in Israel, also known as “the city that never stops” because of its active nonstop nightlife. It considered the largest and the busiest metropolis in Israel and is a cultural center as well as an economic one.

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